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turn by 032EH77M turn :icon032eh77m:032EH77M 63 17 a beautiful day by FeleSnigra a beautiful day :iconfelesnigra:FeleSnigra 1 4
Reality In Philosophy
Do we not all play secret games with each other's minds?
Do we not try to over analyse the breath that another breathes?
Do we not laugh at other's misfortune?
Love has existed since the first dawn;
Yet mere men do not know what it is.
Champagne is like a disappointment;
Cause it sounds like chocolate.
Friendship is more then a smile and hug;
It is more then laughing at another's characteristics.
It is more than some can contemplate.
The theology behind life is beyond a human mind;
No single person can write such knowledge, nor know it.
Yet Someone did…
Someone more than me.
People may bruise easily;
No one can make it alright.
Sticks and stones will break my bones;
But names will only burn me.
What is reality?
What is a crime?
Who are you – really?
Stop wearing that fictitious smile.
:iconzoeytalks:zoeytalks 3 14
Juliet by FeleSnigra Juliet :iconfelesnigra:FeleSnigra 3 3
My Strength Or Stupidity?
Why did I ruin what was once perfect?
Why did I listen to them?
Why didn't I follow me?
She held her head high
I will not cry
She walked away
When all I wanted to do was run in his arms
As soon as he was out of her sight she ran, tears streaming
Did I really have to do this?
She felt as if she could die forever
And my pain was sharper then any knife could give
She almost had him
But that was why I had to let go
She felt physically ill
My head was bent over the toilet bowl for hours
Why did I take it all away?
Why did I let them influence my choice?
Why didn't I keep you next to me?
:iconzoeytalks:zoeytalks 3 15
So over it - Right?
Wash away the pain
Wash it all off
Why hurt myself when I can wipe it off
Just because I had never felt that way
Never been torn apart and thrown to the ground
Doesn't mean I should dwell on it
I mean,
Dwelling on the moment that changed my life that placed me in reality
That showed me that not everything goes my way
Why would I cry about that?
If you really hurt me I wouldn't have moved on
And I have
Haven't I?
When I close my eyes I see you
But only then
And when I scream
Sometimes it isn't from my grief
You haven't changed me
I refuse it
I'll still wear my smile
Why you are not deserving of a frown
So I'll wear my smile
For you
Because I know that it will make you happy
:iconzoeytalks:zoeytalks 5 6
Take Me There
Take me back ten years ago
Take me back to a world that I trusted
To feel innocence once more
Rather than understanding the dirty hidden meanings
Take me back ten years ago
Take me back to my childish state
Where I feared only of falling off my bike
Instead of knowing the grief that I will never escape from
Oh please take me back ten years ago
Where I did not know
Where my innocence was not a lie
Where love was pure and simple
Or let me to where age has no control
Where it does not take away my innocence
Please take me there
:iconzoeytalks:zoeytalks 2 6
Learning The Hard Way
VS 1:
Broken promises to ourselves
Stories changing every second
Is it a connection that I feel
Or is it just my imagination?
Stop messing with my head
It's already been messed with
Stop messing with my mind
Even if it should I don't think it should
Stop messing with my head
It's already been messed with
Stop messing with my mind
I dont think the time that we've, time that's mistaken ever, every be ours
VS 2:
Giving in to emotions I never knew I had
It's disproving my strength
I don't need you, but I do
And I'm beginning to feel ill
Give in
Fall in
To the worldly world
Stop it
I'm sinking
Into your embrace
:iconzoeytalks:zoeytalks 1 2
I'm Gonna Be A Risk Taker
We've all been living like we're seventeen
We've all been living like it's just a dream
We've all been living like it's ok
To be living in this world here today
Vs 1:
Give away all I've got
Give you my life
Gotta run, no time to walk
Gotta face the world and
Take a chance that I would not take yesterday
Gonna blind
Gonna smile
Gonna live for today, not tomorrow
Back to chorus
Vs 2:
Take away my security
Take away my shelter
Learning to pull a Lot
Learning to love what I've got
Take a chance, take a risk
It might not be right
But at least I've tried
Then fade on Chorus
:iconzoeytalks:zoeytalks 2 14
Grandpa, after chocolate cake by FeleSnigra Grandpa, after chocolate cake :iconfelesnigra:FeleSnigra 6 9
The Change that Time Brings
Yesterday I stood so far away
My mind drifted to another place
But now it's changed
And I wonder what you're trying to say
I speak but the words just come undone
You've had you're chance
It's come and gone
It took some time
And that time will not be wasted
It's gone, forget it
Never been here before
I tell you, it's a very strange door
Split into two
I know it's not right
Though I know part of me enjoys it
Turn back time
Change my mind
Love's harder than it's ever been
Love's overcoming me
Far too much
:iconzoeytalks:zoeytalks 1 3
Red flower by ioannicolae Red flower :iconioannicolae:ioannicolae 34 42
What Is Love?
Love can be good and love can be bad.
Love can make you happy or sad.
Love is a blessing and love is a curse.
Love can be for better or worse.
Love can break and tear out your heart.
Love can tear you completely apart.
Love can bring happiness to one's eyes,
As he sings joyfully up in the skies.
Love can bring torment, agony, and pain.
Love can make one go insane.
Love can bring happiness, joy, and bliss,
Making one want that one simple kiss.
Love is unique in its own special way,
But love can make someone go astray.
Love is a feeling with strength and power,
So even the strongest man will offer a flower.
Love can get you through all rough times,
Love can be a motive for worst of all crimes.
Love's that feeling that makes one be at ease.
Love's that illness that's the worst of disease.
So grab your loved one, and hold them tight.
Make them feel the love you feel you might.
For some, love lasts not long at all, never,
But for others, it lasts for all of forever.
:iconrisingangelus:RisingAngelus 28 28
The world is full of us.
We breathe down the necks of the sane,
Looking for a way out of this crazy world.
Hating ourselves comes easy,
Because everyone else did it first.
We fear the world will end
with every step we take.
We are the jinx of society.
Bad luck to the winners
and a blight to the fantastic.
We trip ourselves up
on the way to the finish line.
Nothing can stand in our way
on the never ending path to losing.
We are the best at failing.
Awesome losers, up against the world.
We will stand, losing to the end.
And feel like winners all the way.
:iconcorrupted1:Corrupted1 3 6


Endless Circles by nighty Endless Circles :iconnighty:nighty 684 201 gerbera and playful mood by Floriandra gerbera and playful mood :iconfloriandra:Floriandra 1,148 89 The Star Cloak by bluefooted The Star Cloak :iconbluefooted:bluefooted 964 126 Church of the Black Rose by Zephyri Church of the Black Rose :iconzephyri:Zephyri 7,537 1,471 Golden sommer day by Floriandra Golden sommer day :iconfloriandra:Floriandra 17,984 1,161



United States
Favourite genre of music: folk, indie, adult alt.
Favourite style of art: Black and white
Wallpaper of choice: Honda
So I started school. Woo. Kyle laughs when I talk about how wonderful my art and english teachers are. He thinks that I don't have any base of experience to make my opinions of their teaching abilities accurate. "Bah!" I say. I may not of had the school experiences that most have grown up with, but I do know when I am learning and inspired, and most of all, respect and admire someone.
My dig. photog. class is wonderful. I think I'm going to try to take some type of art class every semester.
I love having a place and time that is focused on creativity and the making of art. It's so easy otherwise to get busy with other things, like work.....
  • Reading: Atmospheric Disturbances
  • Watching: The Upright Citizens Brigade
  • Playing: Wu Tang


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